PE Teaching at Brampton
At Brampton we believe that having specialist teachers provides the pupils the opportunity to learn and develop their PE skills under the guidance of experts.
Our specialist teachers bring strong subject knowledge and a high level of enthusiasm for PE as well as a desire to see the pupils be successful. This focus allows the pupils a greater chance to realise their own potential as well as raises the standard of learning in PE across the school. The impact of this is shown in our pupils’ positive attitudes towards sports, fitness and their understanding of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

PE Curriculum
The PE curriculum at Brampton is a continuously evolving and we adapt it to best suit the specific pupils we have in each year. A wide range of conventional topics, such as games, gymnastics and dance, is taught throughout the year but we also teach a wide range of non-conventional topics such as ultimate frisbee, parkour and floorball. Again, we adapt these depending on the pupils’ physical needs and/or stage of development. Assessment shows that our pupils are now adept at implementing their skills into a wider range of sporting environments.

Gifted and Talented
Pupils who display an advanced understanding and mastery of the skills expected for their age group in PE are given extra opportunities to continue to develop their skill set. They are given leadership roles within lessons to help lead, teach and encourage others and we ensure our teaching enables them to deepen their understanding of tactics and improve their skills. Where appropriate, they are given the opportunity to represent Brampton in competitions against local school. Some children were fortunate enough to attend the British Ski Academy and learn how to ski from some of the best youth coaches in the U.K. If your child takes part in, and has shown aptitude for sporting activities outside school, let Mr Gillingham know so we can support their development during PE.

Extra-Curricular Clubs
There are various sporting clubs running at Brampton. The clubs range from specific targeted groups to general clubs such as girls’ netball and football. In most cases our after school clubs depend on the goodwill of our wonderful teachers giving of their time. If there are no clubs running that your child is interested in please let us know and we will look into whether we can accommodate such a club in the future.
There are also a number of lunchtime clubs run by our PE specialists which give pupils a focussed and active lunchtime.

Langdon School Sports Partnership (LSSP)
We are members of the Langdon School Sports Partnership. The LSSP coordinates a wide range of sporting events and competitions for Newham’s primary schools regularly throughout the year. Their competitions are organised so that pupils from Years 1 - 6 can participate in a large range of sports against pupils from other schools. Pupils from Brampton consistently achieve highly in these events and always demonstrate excellent sportsmanship. The LSSP also provides professional development sessions for teachers and support staff to develop their practice in various sporting disciplines to ensure that the pupils receive the best teaching PE possible.

School Sport Funding and Pupil Premium
PE has benefited greatly from School Sport Funding as well as Pupil Premium funding. We have used the funding to employ specialist coaches to enrich our PE provision, and enable our teachers to receive training and support. We have also invested in a range of resources and extra-curricular activities such as Indoor Bouldering, Queen Elizabeth Olympic VeloPark cycling, Parkour Academy and Tom Daley Dive Academy lessons. The funding has also been used to invest in new Parkour equipment for pupils to access safely during curriculum PE lessons.

Onwards and Upwards
We will continue to look at new ideas and teaching styles to ensure that our pupils are given the best opportunity to participate and succeed in a wide range of sporting pursuits both during formal PE lessons and at other times.

The ultimate goal of Brampton Primary School’s PE curriculum is to enable pupils to achieve their full potential in physical education, attain healthy levels of well-being and to instil positive attitudes towards fitness and active lifestyles.