The National Curriculum

In September 2009, Brampton implemented a new creative curriculum with strong emphasis on learning key skills. Teachers plan using a thematic approach (topic) and make relevant links between subjects. This makes learning more fun while still ensuring we cover all the NC entitlements.

The school's teaching follows the National Curriculum, which lays down the principal subjects that all state schools must teach. There are four core subjects of the National Curriculum: English, maths, science and information technology. There are six foundation subjects: history, geography, technology, music, art and physical education. Religious education is also part of the National Curriculum.

Each subject has its own ‘scheme of work’, which identifies exactly what part of each subject should be taught in each class, in each half term, over all the seven years children are at Brampton school. This means that each year’s learning in each subject should build on all the learning that has happened before.

Each term we will send home a newsletter that will explain what is being taught in each class along with key dates for the coming term.